Terms and Benefits of the IPTI Insurance Policy.

The insurance policy available to current members of IPTI includes Malpractice/Professional Liability, Public Liability and Products Liability cover. A summary of terms and benefits


The underwriters: The policy is underwritten by Novae Underwriting Limited underwriting for certain underwriters at Lloyd's and is provided by DSC Insurance Services. Both Novae Underwriting Limited and DSC Insurance Services are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


The policy: Provides insurance protection for members of IPTI whilst performing therapies and treatments of which they are qualifed practtioners.


Cover provided: Third party risks (i.e. claims by clients and others against the therapist) including claims for loss and/or injury, including legal costs in respect of: 

Treatment risks

Product risks

Accidental injury and loss


Policy extenions: An individual member's cover may be extended to include:

Insurance for teaching workshops and practitioner level courses

Insurance for practical work compiling case studies as part of a training course leading to further practitioner qualifications

Insurance for working abroad, each trip must be notified to IPTI in advance for cover to be in place


The workplace: The policy is effective wherever the therapist chooses to work. This can include their own home,the client's home salon, clinic, leisure centre, public hall etc. Treatments and advice given during demonstrations or lectures are also included.


Claims made wording: The policy is written on a 'Claims Made' basis. A claims made policy covers claims reported during the policy term, provided the event that lead to the claim occurred after the retroactive date of the policy issued. If, for whatever reason, your do not continue to purchase cover, this means there is no cover in force for previous work undertaken. Therefore you will require run-off cover if you wish to be covered for the previous work performed.



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